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Add Contact to Event



POST /v2/event/save/contact

This API will allow you to add an existing contact to an event. All parameters are mandatory.

EventNumber    Array

The event number to add the contact to.

ContactType    Object { Id, Name}

The type of contact being added. This contact type must exist in your Priava account. Passed in JSON format where;            Id = the ID of the contact type.             Name = the name of the contact type.

IsPrimary    Boolean

Whether the contact being added is the Primary Contact for the event. Accepted values are true or false .

ContactId    Long

The Unique ID of the contact to be added. Refer to the Contacts – Get API to see how to fetch the Unique ID.


{ "EventNumber" : "1234",      "ContactType" : {      "Id" : 1,         "Name" : "Debtor"    },   "IsPrimary" : true,    "ContactId" : 24859 } ]

Event with relevant event details

   "success" : true,
   "result" : ""

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