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Search Contacts



POST /v2/contact/get

This API returns a list of contacts that satisfy the search parameters provided. By default, first 50 searched contacts will be returned only.

FirstName    String

The contact’s first name.

LastName    String

The contact’s last name.

Email    String

The contact’s primary email address.

Inactive    Boolean

True to return only inactive contacts. False to return only active contacts.

Organisation    String

The name of the organisation associated to the contact.

DebtorNumber    String

The contact’s debtor number.

ModifiedTime    DateTime

The contact’s modified date and time.

NextPageDirection    String

What direction you would like to page for your next set of results. The only values allowed are  forward  or  reverse .

LastPageContactId    String

The Contact id of the last Contact on your current set of results to be used as the reference point for your next set of results.

PageNo    Integer

The Page Number of the Contact list results.

Offset    Integer

If Offset is specified then it will fetch the next number of records after offset and skip the previous records, for e.g If there are 50 records and offset is 10 then records will be fetched from 11 to 50.

RecordPerPage    Integer

The number of records per page.

SortingOrder ObjectArray

The sorting of data as per the ColoumnName provided.

NOTE: Sorting order cannot be passed along with NextPageDirection and LastPageContactId.


"Firstname": "Admin",
"Lastname": "",
"Email": "",
"Organisation": "",
"Inactive": false,
"DebtorNo": "",
"ModifiedTime": "",
"NextPageDirection": "Forward",
"LastPageContactId": null,
"PageNo": "1",
"Offset": "0",
"RecordsPerPage": "100",
"SortingOrder": [
"ColumnName": "Firstname",
"IsAscending": true


You will receive a list of contacts satisfying your search criteria.

  "result": [
        "Firstname": "Admin",
        "Anonymised": "",
        "Email": "",
        "Organisation": "Agile Services",
        "Phone": "981919111",
        "Lastname": "Admin",
        "Inactive": false,
        "GDPRProcessed": "",
        "ContactId": 100542969,
        "Deleted": "",
        "Pseudonymised": "",
        "JobTitle": ""
  "AdditionalInfo": {
     "Count": 1
  "success": true

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