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The Priava API is rate-limited, to prevent a single API user from adversely affecting other users using the API.





Current Limit

The current limit is 450 requests / 5 minutes (300 seconds). The rate limits may change in the future and shall be communicated to all the users in advance.

If the user hits the rate limit, the user will not be able to make any more calls to the Priava API until the rate limit window is reset.


What happens when rate limits are hit?

Once the maximum limit is reached the following requests will receive a 429 response code (“Too Many Requests”). The body of the response will be a JSON error, like other errors received from the Priava API. Included in the body will be information about which limits were hit, and when you’ll be able to try again.


      “error”: “Your API rate limit is exhausted”,
      “limits”: “450 requests / 5 minutes (300 seconds)”, 
      “retry-after”: “Thu, 18 Nov 2014 14:03:00”


Coping With The Rate Limit

The best ways to deal with the rate limiting is one to ensure no unnecessary calls, trying and caching the data that does not change frequently and using a queuing system to process the calls to Priava API.


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