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Save Quote

POST /v2/opportunity/save/quote

This API creates Quote in an opportunity and returns a unique Id and its associated details. This same API allows you to update an existing Quote e.g. change the name or comment etc.

Id    Long

Id of the Quote. Required only if you are updating the Quote.

Name    String

Name of the Quote.

QuoteNumber    String

Number of the quote.

OpportunityId    String

Id of the opportunity in which quote should be created or updated.

Comment    String

The comment to be associated with the quote.

   "Id": 100029864,
   "Name": "Quote 3",
   "QuoteNumber": 89,
   "OpportunityId": 15527,
   "Comment": "This is a quote comment"
   "success": true,
   "result": {
      "QuoteNumber": "89",
      "Comment": "This is a quote comment",
      "OpportunityId": 15527,
      "Id": 100029864,
      "Name": "Quote 3"


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