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Priava's Tevalis integration allows you to carry out a real-time, bi-directional sync of Priava event data (incl. food & beverage) to the Tevalis Epos system (incl. online order data, food & beverage). 

Only Priava system administrators can configure Integrations. If you are not a Priava administrator, please consult a member of your team who is a Priava administrator to configure the integration for you, or to request permission to increase your Priava Account access. 


What Information Can You Sync?

The Priava / Tevalis integration is native and bidirectional. The following is a simple use case workflow that explains how the integration works and what information can be synced and when:

  • A full catalogue sync between Tevalis (Master System) and Priava (Child system) will take place at a set time chosen by the user. For example, you may wish to run a full sync at 4am daily. This sync will ensure that:
    • Both systems have the correct catalogue items
    • The correct Sites have the correct catalogues assigned to them
  • When a user creates an event in Priava and adds Food and/or Beverage items from a specific Tevalis Group then the following will occur:
      • For any events created in advance of the event date, are synced to relevant Tevalis tills and Sites (where applicable), on the day of the event. This will happen as part of the full catalogue sync as outlined above.
      • For any events that are updated after the full sync has taken place, the user will need to tick a "Send to Tevalis" checkbox, which will prompt the system to sync the Event Order (Tevalis Order) to Tevalis in real-time. This will then go through a cycle of Picked for Sync, Order Created, Accepted
  • Once the Online Order is accepted by Tevalis, the till operator can manage the tills in the normal way, add any additional items purchased on the night to the order. Once the order is completed and ready to be closed, the user can:
      • Take payment and close the order. This action will prompt a sync back to Priava and a Payment Received item will be added to the event, thus leaving the Priava Users to follow their normal post-event process.
      • If the customer is a Creditworthy Customer, then the till operator will close the order with a Credit Option. This will prompt a sync back to Priava and once there, the Priava user can run through the standard invoicing process as per their own workflow. (NOTE: A Creditworthy customer must be defined in advance of the event being created and a Creditworthy custom field must be added to the contact record).
  • If Tevalis receives an order from Priava including Food or Beverage items that are not synced, then the order will be rejected. In this event, Priava will display a rejected order message and the reason for the rejection.

Summary of Triggers & Actions

Below is a summary of how the integration works:

Priava Trigger Tevalis Action
An Event is created in Priava and is saved OR an event is updated in Priava and the Send To Tevalis checkbox is ticked and then saved An Online Order is created in Tevalis
Payment Received is added to an event in Priava, upon confirmation of the Online Order in Tevalis being closed Order is closed, either by taking a payment on the night and selecting a Cash / Card option or if the customer is a Creditworthy Customer, a Credit Option. Both will invoke the sync back to Priava


Tevalis Trigger Priava Action
Tevalis receives the order from Priava and Accepts the order Order status in Priava will be Accepted
Tevalis receives the order from Priava and Rejects the order The order status in Priava will be Rejected along with Rejected Reason
Order is Processed in Tevalis The order status in Priava will be Processed
If the Order is accepted by Tevalis and the Customer makes payment on the night, the Payment action on the till will be Cash / Card for Priava. This will then sync the order back to Priava with a closed status. The Order status will change to Closed and the Payment Received catalogue item is added to that Event (to Financial Incidentals)
If the Order is accepted by Tevalis and the Customer is a Creditworthy Customer, then the Credit Option on the till will prompt back to Priava and the order status on the till will be updated to closed. The Order status will update to Closed and the Payment Received catalogue item is added to that Event (to Financial Incidentals)

What Subscriptions Do You Need?

To achieve integration between Priava and Tevalis, you will need:

  • An active Priava subscription including the API module – we also recommend that you purchase the Sandbox module for testing purposes
  • A valid and active Tevalis account

How Much Does It Cost?

Contact your Account Manager for further information and pricing.

Configuration Prerequisite Checklist

Below is an outline of all of the steps that must be taken prior to configuring the integration:

  1. Run full sync of Tax-type from Tevalis to Priava
  2. Run full sync of Items from Tevalis to Priava
  3. If required, create a custom field in Priava for CreditWorthy customers and add the appropriate drop-down values e.g. Yes
  4. Create the Payment Received Credit Refund catalogue items in Priava
  5. Contact Tevalis to obtain the relevant Authentication information including DevID, Company GUID, GUID2, SiteID. 

If you have any questions, or if you have completed the steps outlined above, please email your relevant contact at Priava (either Support Team or your Account Manager) and provide the following information, which will be used to configure the relevant field mappings to support your integration: 

  1. Daily trigger time for automated full sync
  2. Tevalis Default ReasonType
  3. Tevalis Default TenderType

How-to Instructions

Once you have completed the steps outlined in the checklist above, follow the step-by-step instructions to configure your integration:

  1. Configuring the Tevalis Integration in Priava

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